Moving to Tubeless

A few months back I took the plunge and converted my Colnago C59 to tubeless. I used the 25mm Hutchinson Fusion 5 performance 11 Storm tubeless ready kit and converting was pretty simple. Following the instructions supplied and supported by the Hutchinson YouTube video ( ) I quickly got the Campy Shamal Ultra wheels looking resplendent in their new treads. Using the rim tape and sealant that was supplied in the kit and inflating the tyres using a track pump I

had no problems getting the tyres to seal to the rims.

Riding with these tyres is a revelation. To get the best out of tubeless you need to run them at lower pressures (I run mine at around 75 psi front and 80 psi rear) and this gives you a smooth and efficient ride with no risk of pinch-flats and the added protection of sealant.

Initially I did notice that the tyres did loose more pressure than I was used to between rides. I put this down to the sealant needing to be 'absorbed' into the new tyre surface. In the interests of experimentation I decided to try the Finish Line non-latex tyre sealant. ( ) Finish Line claim that this sealant won't dry out and will last the life of your tyre! After cleaning and refitting the tyres and using the finish Line sealant I found that there was negligible loss in tyre pressure and I was more confident that this sealant would do its job should the worst happen.

I've now ridden approaching 1000 miles on these tyres without an issue. They stick wonderfully when descending the hairpins of the Pyrenees and do a great job of smoothing out the lumps and bumps of the Surrey country lanes and they are quick. Would I go back to clincher tyres? Nope, I'm a convert!

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